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Why Didn't The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act Pass in 2010?

It's a shameful story that needs to be told, so gun owners realize what we're up against.

In the 2010 legislative session,  we had 28 sponsors of the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act in the House and five sponsors in the Senate.

Representative Darryl Owens (D-Louisville), acting as the commitee chairman, canceled three of the last four House Elections Committee meetings so they wouldn't be forced to address the KFFA.  Then on the last day, Representative Stan Lee (R-Lexington) filed a discharge petition to bypass the stonewalling committee and move HB87 directly to the House floor for a vote.  Before that could happen, Darryl Owens suddenly called a special meeting of the House Elections Committee to hear the KFFA, thus rendering the discharge petition void so nobody in the House would be required to vote on the KFFA.

Of course, the KFFA didn't get a fair committee hearing.  They pretended to listen, Representative Kevin Bratcher (R-Louisville) was sympathetic and tried to do his job, but Darryl Owens, Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville) and others like them managed to pretend to listen, and then suddenly there was a motion to adjourn and a second, and the KFFA was dead for 2010.  Nobody even had the guts to vote on it in the House Elections Committee.  The KFFA was killed by procedural maneuvering that allows those in power to do whatever they wish without any concern for the people of Kentucky.

These weasels think procedural stunts like this are funny.  They enjoy lording their power over the little people.

We're coming back in 2011 and we WILL pass the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act, because the overwhelming majority of Kentuckians want it passed.  We will not tolerate these procedural stunts that allow our representatives to thwart the will of the good people of Kentucky while cowardly avoiding the consequences they'd face for voting against this popular bill.

We're going to need your help.  It's difficult to make our representatives accountable for their votes, or their NON-votes, but that's what we need to do.  Stay tuned for the specific actions we'll be taking to pass the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act this year.


HB87 was prevented from being heard in the House Elections Committee by Non-Representative Darryl Owens, from urban Louisville.  He consistently ignored our calls, refused to meet with us, and he even ran from us(5 minute YouTube video) rather than having a civil discussion.  Darryl Owens was primarily responsible for preventing the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act from passing while ensuring that no legislators would be required to vote against the KFFA and face their angry constituents back home.

The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act
is modeled on the nearly identical laws already enacted in Montana, Tennessee, Utah, South Dakota and Wyoming. If passed, firearms and ammunition manufactured in Kentucky and sold in Kentucky would no longer be regulated in any way by the federal government. There would be no FBI background check and no BATFE Form 4473 paperwork. Kentucky would probably decide to have the state police run background checks, but there would be no federal authority or involvement over these intrastate sales. The 1934 National Firearms Act and the 1968 Gun Control Act would no longer apply to intrastate sales. By insulating ourselves from federal gun laws, any future federal gun ban such as the anticipated reintroduction of a stricter version of the previous Brady Bill would not apply.

The federal government, via the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has already sent a letter to gun dealers in Montana and Tennessee, informing them that the federal laws supersede state laws. They don't. The federal government's limited powers were granted by the states, and correcting this abuse of federal power is exactly the purpose of the KFFA. The challenge to the BATFE letter has already been filed in federal court in Montana and is working its way through the legal system.  We need more states and more individuals on board to provide the needed political support.

The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act bills, HB 87 & SB 122, were filed for the 2010 legislative session by Representative Stan Lee and Senator John Schickel, respectively.

The KFFA would already apply to rifles that are currently manufactured in Kentucky, a DoubleStar AR-15 manufactured in Winchester, and a Bluegrass Armory .50 BMG Viper manufactured in Richmond.  There is also a Remington manufacturing plant in Mayfield, where the model 597 .22 LR and .22 WMR rimfire rifles are produced.  If the KFFA is passed, there would certainly be more firearms manufacturers that would provide quality firearms free from federal government infringements.

We may also decide to allow currently regulated and restricted items such as noise suppressors, aka “silencers”, which are considered a courtesy to your neighbors in many countries in Europe.  How did our federal government decide we should pay a $200 tax, endure bureaucratic paperwork, and lose our privacy and rights to have a suppressor?

The purposes of the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act are:
  • Support the right to keep and bear arms in Kentucky
  • Insulate Kentucky from future federal gun bans
  • Stop unconstitutional federal gun laws
  • Support existing Kentucky firearms manufactures
  • Encourage new firearms manufacting in Kentucky - JOBS!
  • Exert Kentucky state sovereignty
  • Push back against the anti-gun zealots in the federal government and the United Nations

The purposes of our Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act activism are:
  • Pass the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act!
  • Explain to our state legislators in Frankfort that gun owners have massive political clout
  • Coordinate and help to build the gun rights coalition in Kentucky
  • Exercise our unalienable right to keep and bear arms
  • Get the federal government out of Kentucky's gun laws

This is going to be a lot of work, but it needs to be done... for our liberty and our gun rights.

Look for the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act booth at Kentucky gun shows!
Visit us at the gun show and sign our petition!

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What else can I do?

1) Email all of the gun owners you know in Kentucky, explain how important this is to our right to bear arms, and urge them to visit this website and make the calls at the top of the page.

2) Email the members of the HOUSE ELECTIONS COMMITTEE or call them directly:
I support The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act.  I want it passed out of committee for a vote on the floor.

3) Email the members of the SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE or call them directly:
I support The Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act.  I want it passed out of committee for a vote on the floor.

4) Thank Representative Stan Lee (502-564-8100 Ext 698) for introducing HB 87 in the House in 2010.

5) Thank Senator Schickel (502-564-8100 Ext 617) for introducing SB 122 in the Senate in 2010.

6) Thank all the co-sponsors listed for HB 87, and let them know that you'll support them, because they support you and your right to keep and bear arms.

7) Thank all the co-sponsors listed for SB 122, and let them know that you'll support them, because they support you and your right to keep and bear arms.

8) Call the NRA at 800-392-8683 and let them know that they should stop studying the national Firearms Freedom Act and start supporting it!  The GOA the JPFO, the SAF, the CCRKBA, and several other pro-gun groups already support the Firearms Freedom Act.

How can I learn more?

Visit the national Firearms Freedom Act website.  There's a map showing the status of the various firearms freedom acts in all the different states, and the latest information on the national movement to enact the firearms freedom acts at the state level.

Read the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act petition.   Check out the petition counter above.  We have A LOT of signed petitions, and we're collecting a lot more.  Feel free to sign the petition and mail it to your representative, senator, everyone on the House Elections Committee, and the leadership of the House and Senate.  All of these addresses can be found on the LRC website.

Read the short info sheet describing the Kentucky Firearms Freedom Act.  We've been passing these out at gun shows.  Print your own copies and distribute them at gun shows, gun ranges, gun shops, and any place else where gun owners congregate.

Read the BATFE letter to Montana and Tennessee gun dealers explaining that the federal government thinks federal laws trump state laws!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bruce:
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